The Cast Couch

The Branding Room is a collective of artists, graphic designers and brand marketers headquartered in Hayes Valley, San Francisco. We are inspired by living art and are proud to be commercial artists. We strive to bring beauty, thought and integrity to all our work. Whether you're a small local business or a global brand, we are dedicated to delivering your vision, beautified. 

Ina Murdock-Santos


Named one of Business Insider's 30 Most Creative People in Mobile Advertising, Ina has been creating unique brand experiences for over 13 years. 

A hands-on strategic marketer with a passion for clever copywriting and gorgeous typography, Ina has an extensive background in journalism and art.  Ina subscribes to the joie-de-vivre-theory of marketing--that the joy of sharing information should drive the approach. An international raconteur, Ina has a particular fervor for the Roman Republic, ancient religions and royalty throughout history.

It is extremely rare to find someone like Ina, she is able to translate images and words into a powerful and compelling story.
— Business Insider


Sarah Chan

Lead designer Sarah Chan has an unsurpassed talent for bringing on-trend, stylish brand experiences to life. A web specialist with a print background, Sarah strives to harness technology to communicate a message in its purest, most penetrating form. Full of energy, enthusiasm and discipline, Sarah knows how to turn lifeless marketing into something inimitably cool. 


Ashley Singh 

Ashley is a high-spirited brand marketer with a singular passion for telling a story. Uniquely gifted at PowerPoint, Ashley knows how to create a narrative that resonates with any audience. Driven by her love for beautiful typography, her passion for internal marketing, and the compulsion to make sure her clients have the most compelling story on the market, Ashley delivers marketing experiences that speak volumes.